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Book Reviews

Francis Franklin, Author

 This is a really quite extraordinary collection of poems. The language is explicit and erotic, pornographic and poetic,... There's a line in the Preface that describes the character of the poet evoked by the poetry:

From Pink Bows to Red Stilettos proves that a woman's sexual provocative nature is nothing to take lightly and that a sweet little girl can grow up to have a burning tigress nature.

Yes, these poems were written by a burning tigress. Xia's poetry is raw and wild. (And beautiful - read Live Instrumentation and judge for yourself.) I can't believe what I'm reading. I love it.

For the second time this year: 'wow'.

Goodreads Reviews

Ellison wrote:

Features 25 free-style poems that compare physical relations to sailing, cooking, and music. Topics include cheating, a three-some, and self pleasure. Some swearing. Insightful. Possible foreplay. 

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Reviewer wrote:

This book welcomes female sexual freedom. It's more than poetry, it's like short stories. Once you start reading it, you don't want to put it down. 

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