Live Instrumentation

He's my conductor 

And I...his small orchestra

A jazz quartet he says

Finessing my keys

Walking his fingers thru my strings

Licking only two

Then strumming my clit

He plays my instrument 

A sound of beauty emits

Up and down with his stick

He beats my drum 

Bottoms out my bass

Melody in sync 

Engaging my valves

Lowering my pitch

We trumpet to triumph

Notes penned to paper

The title of this work

The sounds of love making 

Or just the harmony of lust

Live instrumentation 

A song between us


Roses are red

Violets are blue

He says I'm too much for one

But not enough for two

If he keeps bringing his boy around

I'll be fucking him too 



I am the reason for the rise of the sun

The midnight glow of the moon

Rays of light always shine upon me

I am Cami, you see

I'm the reason your man rises below

The reason she's envious 

And her green's starting to show

It's not my fault every man wants me

I am Cami, you see

Young boys anxiously await their chance

Young girl’s adore my strut and stance

I'm who he wants and she wants to be

I am Cami, you see

Always my father's angel

My mother can't stand me

Together they chiseled a work of art 

I am Cami, you see

This is just an introduction 

A snippet of my pedigree

My wild tales are worth hearing

I am Cami, you see